01 February, 2007

Carnival of Bauer: rooting out CTU moles since way back

I frequent the Blogs4Bauer site on a more than regular basis, and enjoy the weekly wrap up of 24-related postings in their Carnival of Bauer.

Next week, on Thursday Feb. 8, the carnival will be posted here for the good of the blogosphere (damn to I hate that word.)

Check back in for the party, or whenever really. No Hors d'Ĺ“uvres and no drinks on the house (apologies), but quite possibly more 24 related posts than you can handle.

If you wanna get in on the fun, here's how:

1) Email your post to blogs4bauer@gmail.com with "Carnival of Bauer" in the subject, or
2) Use the Carnival submission form, linked via the button below.

Blog Carnival submission form - carnival of bauer!!!

For the most recent Carnival, check out The Jack Sack. It's not as dirty as it sounds. It's a bag, people. For his gun. And cell phone. You know, when they actually leave his hands.


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