27 February, 2007

Caffeine, round two.

I posted late last week about leaving Penn, which I did after drinking a few Golden Monkey's at the auction going on during my last day there. This week I started a new job, which involves less sitting at a computer and more re-filling my caffeine IV bag (like you don't have one). I'm working a little over 36 hours a week now at Cafe Mocha, a pretty sweet (but a tad pricey) coffee establishment near Jefferson Hospital in Center City.

I'm pretty happy working here, but since I am only in the middle of my second day, I will reserve judgment until a later time when the honeymoon is over. However, I do enjoy the fact that if it's not busy I can pretty much do whatever I want, which includes the crossword puzzle, reading a book or the back issues of The New Yorker I have been neglecting and even using the computer in the shop for whatever purpose I see fit. It's also pretty great that the shop's stereo has a tape player, meaning I can bring in my adapter and listen to my iPod all day. This is pretty much the best thing ever. Yesterday I listened to two entire live shows from the Slip, as well as some Lou Reed. All without the inconvenience of using the ear bud headphones.

Naturally, expect a significant drop off in stories about people in my office, being that I no longer have an office to speak of. In the place of those stories however, expect more on the people that come in to this shop.

Like, say, the perfectly dressed man who came in a few minutes ago carrying several issues of Vanity Fair. When I say perfectly dressed, I mean that I have never seen a more impeccably knotted tie nor a pair of slacks pressed as straightly as this gentleman's. He ordered a nonfat decaf mocha, and as I made the drink I tried to make some idle conversation as well.

"I like that magazine," I said. "good articles, I like the writing."

"It's my life," he replied.

I went back to making his drink in silence. No need to take that conversation much further. He seemed nice, but a little bit Devil Wears Prada-ish.

Anyhow if you want to stop by, here's the info on the shop. It's in Center City at 263 S. 10th St. That's on 10th between Locust and Spruce. My schedule is as follows:

Monday ----- 8am-3pm
Tuesday ---- 3pm-10pm
Wednesday - 8am-4pm
Thursaday -- 3pm-10pm
Friday ------ 3pm-10pm

While I can't really hook you up with free drinks and the like, you're more than welcome to come take advantage of the free wireless internet and vegan soup.


Blogger James said...

Maybe Payton Manning will come in for a latte, trying to pay with his mastercard and such. Should that occur, I suggest dumping like a gallon of steaming hot coffee on his dome-piece and offering this sage advice, "Rub some dirt on it PAYTON!"

I'm not bitter.

10:22 PM, February 27, 2007  
Blogger Mike said...

Not familiar with Philly too much. What neighborhood is this? A UPenn joint?

1:18 PM, March 02, 2007  

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