05 February, 2007

Damnit, it's only Monday and I'm already watching the clock

Not that I'm ungrateful for the *genuine concern of others, but sniffling around other people is like ringing Pavlov's bell. They just want to offer you advice and sympathy; I feel fine, I just happen to be congested. This occurs every year, the perpetual congestion, sneezing and general misery of sinus troubles. I've tried Claritin and assorted other medications, it's just non-stop all the time. I hate when people try to make small talk with me like 'oh, you sound sick, you okay?' I always feel like saying 'you've been asking me if I'm sick for a month now, the answer hasn't changed. If you see me lying on the floor shivering and feverish, feel free to inquire again.' This is a very feasible situation too, given that my office is about 57 degrees.

I've taken several Tylenol cold and sinus pills today and haven't felt any less congested. I love cold weather, but I have having sinus trouble from the time it gets to be winter until late in the spring every year. What I'm getting at is that I hate being a loud mouth breather during that time. It's annoying. There is a small joy in this situation though, because this morning I stumbled on my office's tissue cache. They're not covered with aloe, vitamins and assorted lotions, but they're damn sure better than paper towels, napkins, or toilet paper.

Over the weekend the groundhog didn't see its shadow, so spring will come early. Huh? That means there will be a cumulative total of 6 days of winter. From Wikipedia:
Punxsutawney Phil fans say that there is only one Phil (all the other groundhog weathermen are impostors), and that he has made weather prognostications for 121 years as of 2007. They say that every summer, Phil is fed a sip of the mysterious Groundhog Punch, which magically lengthens his life for seven years. This is done by Inner Circle members. According to the Groundhog Club, Phil, after making the prediction, speaks to the Club President in "Groundhogese", which only the Inner Circle appear to understand, and then his prediction is translated for the entire world.
What a strange world it is. Second opinions from "imposters" found here.

24 is back for hour seven tonight. I'm excited. I hope tonight is the breakthrough action night of the show, which has been slow in that regard to this point. Also, Lost returns this week, finally. I've almost forgotten what was going on this season. I bet the first episode back is going to be really good as well. New Gilmore Girls on Tuesday. Something on Thursday; oh well, it's too far off to remember or care. What a busy week I have...

Prince's halftime show was about the best thing I watched on TV last night. The man is ageless, and yet he still puts on an amazing spectacle of a show. I almost expected it to be in his contract stipulations that, if it rains, the rain must be dyed purple via cloud seeding. The shadowed thrusting and fake white doves were a nice touch.

Best Commercial of the Night: Emerald Nuts. It doesn't get much funnier than Robert Goulet crawling on the ceiling. Can't say I support the eating of nuts seeing as how they make me die, but still. The Emerald Nuts website is now entirely dedicated to Goulet. It's funny, he pops up randomly like the guy in Mortal Kombat. Toast-y!

This blog has reached a new level of self-indulgence, as I don't ever post about anything relevant anymore, just about myself and my interests. I guess I'm okay with that, but I still feel kind of bad that I have nothing interesting to say...ever. I don't plan on changing that modus operandi either, just figured I would point it out. I would also like to point out that I finished the crossword today in under 5 minutes. It's only Monday but I'm still happy about that.

Lily, formerly of Law School Virgin, has moved to twentysomethingtantrum. She's a good, amusing writer, and is apparently looking to get into journalism. You should check it out, she runs a good blog.

* this is sarcasm. I dislike people.


Blogger Adam said...

I 100% agree about Bob Goulet's commercial winning the Super Bowl stakes. There's something appropriate about having someone "go nuts" in a nuts commercial. Fantastic.

11:14 AM, February 07, 2007  

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