09 February, 2007

How awkward is it to call someone 'big dirty' instead of a name? Very.

Thursday night I went out to West Philly to see The Tressels at the Millcreek Tavern. This is the band that I reviewed for Wonkavision and picked for the Citypaper as one of the better albums of the year. They're even better live, trust me. They played a short set, but played very well. I'd definitely like to see these guys again. If you aren't in the know yet, they're new album is on the itunes store or you can hit up their myspace here.

They really pride themselves on the live act, and according to singer Butch, are planning on heading out for a tour sometime this spring to the south, and then trying to hit some of the more urban places on the East Coast. I know wherever I am this summer I'll look out for them. Definitely worth seeing.

The dudes in the band are pretty nice as well, and I found out that their bassist, John Graham, graduated from La Salle a year in front of me. It was one of those sort of awkward moments upon that revelation, where we both said "did you go to La Salle?" at the same time.

Millcreek itself is a good place, with a stage that is disproportionately small to the rest of the room. Apparently they also have DJ nights there, and one was immediately following the show. Since The Tressels were the closers, the DJ was setting up in another corner, and people were beginning to filter in. Such a different crowd, it was odd. I can't see the place turning into a hoppin club, a la Cinderella's pumpkin, at midnight. but word is that it's a regular thing. Odd.Mark and Mike Ionescu, from John Carroll days, opened a business in Baltimore. I remember Mark talking to me about it two years ago, and it's finally coming out. Basically, they're putting information kiosks at notable places around the city so people can use them to find stuff to do. Pretty simple, right? They also give printable directions and do a ton of other stuff. Definitely a good idea, plus they're developing an online presence too, which will help.

This article depresses me. Not because I enjoy reading the paper (I currently read it online daily anyway), but because if the NY Times goes online only, where will I get my daily crossword? Seriously this is a big deal for me, and other people I'm sure.

This dude is an idiot. An honest man of his word, but an idiot none the less. These are the kinds of bets one should not make, I assure you.

The most fitting eulogy to Anna Nicole. Don't read if you're offended by dirty humor. Otherwise, click on through.

The World Press photo competition winners gallery is filled with all sorts of depressing shots. Seriously, not a single one is uplifting. What a world.

I cracked 10,000 visitors to this blog on Thursday. I will celebrate this milestone by doing nothing in particular, because certainly 8,000 of those were me (kidding. I have a cookie that blocks my loads from being counted.)


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