19 February, 2007

Jack Bauer 'makes it work' a la Tim Gunn and Project Runway

Often, the clothes the characters wear are lost in the hustle of the 24 season. It's all one day, so the costumes are pretty easy to plan I would imagine. That said, I was glad that Jack, in a stylish hunter green jacket (hunter, I feel, is the appropriate nomenclature for a color donned by Jack Bauer), opened up this week with two kills right from the beginning. In other Jack fashion-related goings on, 'Your momma wears combat boots' is no longer an insult, because so does Jack Bauer. That means your momma is pretty much the best.

When Jack was prepping Marilyn for the entry into the hotel room to retrieve Josh, he handed her a bullet proof vest, which for a lady isn't really the best fashion choice when you're trying to woo back your dead husbands brother. When she was putting on the vest 'under her clothes' (which was surely unnecessary as they entered the apartment forcefully anyway, defeating the element of concealment), Jack definitely checked her out. I was kind of hoping he handed her a slinky little negligee or something, but no dice. Actually, Jack probably finds the bullet proof vest even more arousing than lingerie. Go figure.

The Morris Chloe Milo soap opera/love triangle is heating up nicely, and it's much better than the Sandra Palmer fiasco of a plot. Man I hope she never comes back. Milo is definitely jealous of Morris, and proves it nicely with a tight-fitting t-shirt to impress Chloe on his return from being shot. Plus, now that he knows that Morris is a former alcoholic, you just know that'll come in to play at some point. I mean, Morris is getting wet on the job. That's why his satellite image was all blurry... Wonderful. As a sidenote, I'm glad there's a liquor store within walking distance from CTU. Makes the plot development of an alcoholic that much easier.

That said, I haven't seen someone drink that much whiskey at once since Animal House. When he tells Chloe he had 'a drink,' I'd love to see what two drinks is. Morris' definition of two drinks means I would be dead. I bet his character on the show would mesh nicely with Kiefer Sutherland off the show. Just saying...

Chloe herself got a fashion upgrade this season, going from a blonde to a brunette and replacing her dowdy outfits with a nice black suit jacket. It seems as if she's trying to channel Audrey Raines, but I'm sure. Thing is, Audrey kind of sucks, and Chloe does not. Upgrade!

The final surprise this week concerning fashion was the emergence of Charles Logan from some hole in which he appears to have been hiding. I guess playing an implicit part in a terrorist threat will put you down for a bit. Anyhow the beard works for him, kind of lending something of a grizzled veteran look to Logan. I don't know if I trust him, but it is presently beard season, so why not right?

The one nit picky thing I don't like this season is that the phones have gotten noticeably clunkier. I know they need to view maps and stuff on the screens, but still. That's not the way things are going in real life. Jack needs an iPhone. Huge screen, nice and compact. Let's get on that Fox.

This is that Bill Buchanan actually texted Jack after the Gredenko mishap:

We don't have Gredenko :* - (

All in all the cast of 24 always ends up fairly well dressed by the end of the day, surprising considering all that goes on. My vote to CTU best dressed is still Tony Almeida, who always managed to look stylish even when he was a drunken mess (see left). He tended to rip off Jack's long sleeve action-ready shirt style, but definitely wore it well. Also, nothing says classy like Budweiser from a Cubs mug at one in the afternoon.
And now some random notes:

- "I'll monitor local bandwidth and see what I can come up with." Sure you will Bill, whatever that means.

- The good/bad Papa Bauer plot was exploding courtesy of Marilyn, who was wooed by Jack as only he knows how. When she said "He has my son" would have been the appropriate time for a slip of the tongue to "our son," but I suppose we'll have to wait for that.

- In the opening scene all I could think of was the line from Forrest Gump "Dear god, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away."

- He's at an industrial park. Of COURSE he is. LA is apparently filled with suburbs and industry and not much else. Just one of these times I want Jack to shove Erik Estrada out of the way for being a B-List celebrity because there's 'not enough time' to fuel his ego.

- Phillip Bauer's actions are pretty believable because it seems as if he's desperate. Seems like he's grasping at straws here for a way to wrap up his exposure. Fortunately, Jack is on the case. Turns out he wasn't as involved as we though after all. Or was he. More plot twists. Damnit.

- I fully expected Wayne Palmer to be playing Snood when Tom Lennox walked in, not working on a speech. Disappointing to say the least. I bet he plays it on easy, too. He's too much of a wuss to put it to hard, or even evil.

- Lennox is a better man than many, many who have gone before him. I'm glad, I didn't think things would be that easy when it comes to taking out a President. Lennox seems to have the best interest of the country in mind, he's not as self-serving as I thought.


Blogger Adam said...

Ya know what I appreciated- FINALLY there was a little recognition that a nuke went off on U.S. soil in the early part of this episode, when they were showing victims on T.V. Sure, it was a throwaway moment, but without those reminders, the whole tragedy loses its oomph.

I like that Phillip let Jack go- it makes compelte sense too- Phillip needs Jack to find Gredenko. Phillip will be tracking Jack's movements all the while. When its all said and done, Maybe Jack and Phillip will make a deal- Pops, you go away forever and I won't turn you in. It depends on how evil things become before that time comes. But Jack apologizing to his dad just as his Pops is about to kill him... that took me by surprise.

3:22 PM, February 20, 2007  

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