22 February, 2007

I'm out like John Amaechi only in a different context

Since September, I have existed in an episode of The Office, only nothing is humorous because there is no Steve Carell, no stripper Ben Franklin and no office slut getting into all sorts of trouble. That said I've been looking for a new job since about the moment I began here, and starting on Monday I will be employed full time. It's at a coffee shop, yes, but full time is full time. I have been working 30 hours a week, for decent pay, but have been, shall we say, unsatisfied. This post marks the end of my Penn series, the last of an era. It's currently 6:50 pm, and I'm waiting until 8 to get some photos, then heading home from 'work' here for the last time. I'm posting from my computer at work, which can be seen in the photo. It's the one with the lit-up computer monitor. In lieu of a post railing on all the things I dislike about the past 6 months of my working life, I will instead detail the various other jobs for which I applied along the way. Enjoy the variety presented below, as it is certainly a lot. You'll notice that as I approached the current date, some of the jobs I looked at were downright bizarre.

The listing is presented as follows, and is sorted by month.

Job title
- Date inquiry was made
- Apparent nature of the job
- What, if any, was the response
- Other extraneous details


Editor, hotmovies.com
- 11 August
- Editing website content and writing short posts/stories
- No response
- I later found out, after actually visiting the website, that it offers sales and streaming adult video. That could have been interesting...

Associate Editor, Philadelphia Museum of Art
- 11 August
- Editing brochure/flyer content and the placards that hang along with the artwork
- Response only to say that they would contact me with further information
- I was in no way qualified for this job, but it would have been cool, I think. I would have had to wear a tie though, more than likely.

Writer, Deplhia Life Magazine
- 11 August
- Writing articles, I suppose
- No response
- I haven't seen this magazine ever, and their website is still 'under construction.' Clearly not a very professional company.

Barista, Grocery
- 26 August
- Making coffee/sandwiches, being peppy
- Interviewed, but they hired someone else
- Nice store, but probably wouldn't have been for me. To sterile, not enough cynicism.

Youth Sports Photographer, AG Photography
- 26 August
- Taking pictures of kiddies in their uniforms for mock sports cards
- Interviewed, but didn't get the job
- Later found out that the girl with whom I interviewed is a friend of a friend when I saw her at Drew's Citypaper cooking party. Would have been a neat part time gig, but involved a ton of driving.


Bartender, Unspecified small Philly theater
- 8 September
- Getting drinks for theater-goers
- No response
- The ad said no experience necessary, so I applied. I figured there'd be no drunken brawls at a theater bar, and that if there were, I wouldn't have to worry about an errant stool or pool stick.

Entertainment Culture Writer, The Evening Bulletin
- 19 September
- Pretty much what it sounds like
- Cursory response from editor Tom Rice
- I'm not sure why I didn't hear back any further on this one, but again, whatever.


Sports Writer, The Evening Bulletin
- 4 October
- Covering high school sports around the city
- The editor e-mailed me a few times, but nothing came of it
- Could have been interesting, but oh well.

Staff Writer, Citypaper
- 16 October
- Writing news, mainly
- Didn't hear back, didn't expect to
- I'm pretty much unqualified for that job, having no real experience with news, but shots in the dark are always worth it.

Freelancer, BUCKS Magazine
- 24 October
- Generate story ideas and articles about Bucks County
- Short reply asking for a ton of pitches and the like
- What was I thinking? I know nothing about Bucks County. At all.

Deputy Sports Editor, Delaware Online
- 25 October
- Covering sports around Delaware
- Didn't hear back
- Yet another job I'm on the fence with. I'd like to get a full time writing gig with sports, but driving to Delaware all the time would suck. I don't even like when I have to drive through it, much less spend time there.

Sports Editor/Editor/Writer, Journal Register newspaper group
- 25 October
- Different depending on which job I may have gotten
- Interviewed and e-mailed a good deal, but ended up jobless
- The most promising of all the jobs I applied for. I would have liked to work there, because it's only 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia. It's in Jersey, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. The girl I interviewed with was really nice, and Tony Regina works there, so I am not bitter about not getting the job, really.


General Website writing, europemoda.com
- 28 November
- Short articles/text editing for the website
- Didn't hear back
- What the hell was I thinking? Oh right, I wanted to make money. Duh.

General writer, phillyburbs.com
- 29 November
- Short articles and the like
- No response
- Again, what was I thinking? I know nothing about the suburbs of Philadelphia. Literally nothing except that Ray Porecca is from Lansdale.


Sales Rep, outdoor sports company
- 10 December
- Sales rep
- No response
- I wish I had gotten this job, because the place is literally 3 blocks from my apartment, and it's a neat shop. Oh well.

Line Cook, Ava Restaurant
- 10 December
- Line cook
- No response
- I know nothing of being a line cook. I think whoever read the e-mail sensed the desperation. Good thing they didn't take me because their restaurant would be in the toilet now, or I'd be unemployed.

Outdoor program counselor, adventure company in Ireland
- 11 December
- Run a high ropes course and other duties as assigned for skill
- Lots of response. Got hired, actually.
- I'm probably the most annoyed at this, because I would have loved to go live in Ireland for a while. I couldn't take the job because I wouldn't be able to get a work Visa, and am not willing to work illegally on the side. Going to jail in Ireland doesn't seem all that appealing, or having a deportation on my record.

Personal Driver
- 13 December
- Presumably drive some government person around
- No response
- This would be hilarious, me riding my bike to work each morning in a rented/crappy used tux and driving some politician around. Ridiculous. Clearly I didn't get that job.

Public Records Researcher/Proofreader
- 13 December
- Run background checks/proofread the final reports
- Set up interview
- I got an interview for this job and may have gotten the position, but I didn't want to drive to Southampton Pa every day to work from four until midnight, so I didn't go to the interview. I still see this job on Craigslist all the time.

Copyeditor, Citypaper
- 13 December
- Copyedit the articles for the CP
- Interviewed
- I interviewed but shat the bed on the copy editing test. That shit was hard. Kind of annoyed I didn't get the job, but it happens. I still have love for New York errr, the Citypaper. Damn VH1 brainwashing...


Engraver, somewhere in Center City
- 6 January
- What it wounds like
- One response, but nothing more
- This had the potential to be pretty cool. Plus I don't imagine there is a dress code.

Glass Art Handler, Center City
- 7 January
- Packaging and shipping glass artwork
- No response
- This could have been really cool, except when I dropped something and got canned.

Gym Attendant, some sweatbox
- 7 January
- Work the front desk
- No response
- Could be cool, especially with a free gym membership. No response though, so there is a 0% chance of getting pounded in by some 'roid head. Thankfully.

Blog Editor, uwishunu.com
- 25 January
- Editing/writing for the GPTMC blog
- Got a response, but no follow up
- I would have loved to have this job, but I didn't get it. It was a temporary full time position, which would have been nice for a while. Plus I like blogging, obviously.

Blog Editor, Bed and Breakfast
- 25 January
- Editing a blog about the customers at a B&B
- No response
- This would have been an awesome job. Interviewing customers about their experience at the B&B and in Philadelphia and writing about it, and a free room whenever, benefits and good salary. Eff, man...


Office Assistant, somewhere in Center City
- 14 February
- Desk jockey
- No response
- Another desk-oriented job working in excel and filing shit is not what I wanted. Glad nobody responded.


So after the litany of positions and places to and for which I applied, there were a few things I did pick up along the way. There were three jobs I got during that time:

Writer, Wonkavision Magazine
- 25 August
- Writing articles, reviewing CD's
- Got a freelance position but it doesn't pay. Don't do a whole heck of a lot there, coincidentally
- I picked up a bottle of Knob Creek at the cutthroat Pollyanna Christmas party, which was really freaking sweet.

COPE program planner, Cradle of Liberty Council
- 26 October
- Plan the off-season COPE program
- Got the job, although I didn't really submit an application
- Working with this dude Matt has been really cool, and although it's not a full time thing, I'm going to enjoy it when April rolls around.

Whipping Boy, Flying Monkey Patisserie
- 17 January
- Do the dishes, frost cupcakes, be a general burro as needed
- Started there at the end of January
- Thoroughly enjoyable job as I'd posted about before. I reiterate the fact that there is no clock there, so I don't even notice when it's coming down to the end of the day.


Peace, Penn. I'll be seein' ya.


Blogger j. leo said...

I should make a list like that for my foray into Hollywood, but I can't even keep up with how many resumes I sent and to where. I'm guessing at least 40 applications over the span of 6 months. I do know this: I was "hired" by a talent management company that turned out to be an elaborate hoax, I got to meet Bob Odenkirk's wife, and I worked a grand total of one day and one day only for a temp agency that promised to find me constant work in the biz.

That post-college year is nuts, by all accounts.

12:12 AM, February 23, 2007  
Blogger Drew said...

Did you climb on top of a filing cabinet to take those pics?

5:59 PM, February 25, 2007  

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