03 February, 2007

Link rodeo. Tally Ho!

In honor of this linkage galore post, I wanted to get a coffee from this store. Because of the name, I swear. But I can't; it's in Washington state. From their website: "what makes us most happy is when our customers enjoy both our products and our service." Umm, okay. What sorts of services might those be...

I looked it up, prostitution is not legal. I guess they only serve coffee then...pity. I can't imagine trying to work all day in what these girls are wearing. I can't imagine having to work around hot espresso, coffee, and other such things without, you know, pants on. Not happening.

Apparently this is a growing trend among Seattle coffee shops, who have to find a new gimmick to compete in the huge market out there. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Philadelphia. I can only imagine how much business a place like this would rake in on a given day in Center City.

- Peter Yang may be famous, but he has some really neat pictures. I like his very straightforward, simple style. It really lets his subjects look natural instead of forced into some interesting pose. This natural style is interesting in and of itself.

- James or Seth may actually understand the how and why of this website; I just like how it looks. I'm a visual learner, if I learn at all. Feel free to (try to) explain it in a comment if you feel so inclined.

- I don't know where this is taking place, but these people are insane. Moltov cocktails don't match well against guns. Common sense.

- Funny, and I'd like to try it for a minute, but very not practical.

- Definitely a website I will be coming back to regularly. Kind of like Post Secret only they update daily. And they're found items. Okay it's not like Post Secret at all. Whatever.

- Helen Hunt hasn't aged a day since that photo was taken. No seriously. Also, Demi Moore is a man.

- Who...does...Firefox...work...for? You, with some ways to reduce memory usage. I'm a geek for this sort of stuff.

- Kids these days.

- Crazy dangerous roads. No joke, I wouldn't want to drive here for money.

- This guy either had hemp clothing at one point or is considering it now. Or, he's just decided to be an asshole in the middle of the street. I support the latter.

Low-res photo blogs make me really angry. If you're going to post photos as the primary reason to go to your site in the first place, at least make them larger than a post it note.

Started writing for Phillyist. Check it out. It's updated all the time.

I installed a Firefox extension that tells you how many pages you've loaded. It doesn't track history or anything else other than loads. It resets at 1,000,000. Wonder how long it'll take me to get there. My bet is a few months.

I'm not going to predict the Super Bowl or talk about it any more, other than a few cursory sentences on Monday perhaps. I'm working on Sunday until 4, and then coming home and watching the game with pure disinterest. I feel it is my duty as an American male to watch it, though. Go Bears!

And lastly, this:


Blogger S'orlok Reaves said...

branch: 2
repetition: 3
Left angle: -90
Right angle: 90
Left Scale: 0
Right Scale: 100
Center Scale: 100

I wish all my trees grew like this...

11:33 AM, February 03, 2007  
Blogger James said...

Fractals are mostly a mystery to me. I do know that all of the "Dick's Picks" series of Grateful Dead releases do have colorful fractals on the cover of the CD. Apprently a fractal is really fun to look it while listening to the Dead, taking acid, and huffing lighter fluid. Also, there are probably whole courses at MIT about them. Go figure.

1:39 PM, February 03, 2007  

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