28 February, 2007

Next week is the halfway point... hopefully something happens

Nothing doing on the 24 front, save for one dead former terrorist conspirator, one incapacitated president, one former president who apparently lives in the middle of a horse racing track and one very very unconvincing government turncoat. Sigh. This season is shaping up to be somewhat of a disappointment as far as action goes. The first few episodes were great, but not so much recently. I think it's going to be one of those things where you have to watch the whole thing at once instead of spread out. I mean, that's how it's supposed to be watched anyway, but still.

My biggest hope for the season is that Morris gets blasted and comes out of the mens room belting Elton John. Man would that rule. Either that, or he gets angry drunk and levels a whiskey bottle at Milo from across the office. Maybe something from the love triangle can come up, like Chloe telling Milo that the kid really isn't his. Okay so what I really want is for the CTU office to turn into an episode of The Real World. Does that make me a bad person? I say no.

It's slow, yes, but as far as acting goes this season's two big downfalls are both in the White House: Reed Pollock and Wayne Palmer. Reed is so thoroughly unconvincing as far as bad guys are concerned. I mean come on dude, Lennox already proved that he's not willing to be a part of something with which he does not agree, so what makes dude think he'll be a part of the plan AFTER the President is dead? Clearly he didn't spend a few seconds and think that through. Obviously, that's why he's still just a pawn and will get his comeuppance before the day is out.

That said, I think the whole bombing thing is going to be blamed on Lennox, based on three things. Palmer mentioned that Lennox was against the whole thing from the beginning shortly before the practice speech was to begin, Lennox wasn't around anytime before or during the speech and that short haired woman popped up three separate times asking about Tom and looking sketchy when she couldn't find him. She's not been in the show to this point yet, so why would she get a bunch of face time and some speaking roles if she wasn't going to be in at least one more episode?

Despite his situation (tied up in the toolshed), I still don't find Lennox to be a sympathetic character. I think it's just that his character is a sniveling ass-kisser. True, he got all righteous recently and that's why he got tied up by his own lap dog, but I still don't really like him.

Can we please get Aaron Pierce back yet? Thanks!

Lastly, did anyone else think that ambassador in the beginning of the episode looked like Jay Marioti?
Some random notes:

- Here's hoping the shipment from Nevada is a bunch of Reno showgirls. Unfortunately it looks like something from an Isaac Asimov meets Gene Roddenberry project.

- Wayne Palmer's face seems to be off center. He also sounded downright Palmer-ish (as in David) when he told handed the ambassador his balls in a jar.

- Logan's beard extends down past his shirt line. Pretty gross. I've never liked the guy, and he still seems really sinister to me. Don't like the whole situation. I support his beard growth, however.

- I love that Logan goes to his jewelry box and picks out the cheapest looking pin he could find. Yes, I know it's the flag pin, but it still looks tacky. He should have a campaign pin that says Van Buren for President. Didn't that guy have a sweet beard, too? Edit: No, but he did have some sweet sideburns.

- Great, Jack's going into another consul. We know how that turned out last time. Hint: poorly.

- Annnddd, yet another episode without the Sandra Palmer catastrophe. Yes! Seems like that plot line has happily fizzled out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Sandra and her beau on on their way to the desert to help with the nukes.
Reed and Tom are going to be sweet ass meat in jail.
When's Bill Buchanan going to take charge and get pissed off again?
I'd like Morris to do a little Judy Garland number, what with the queer English accent. (Ohno! off to rehab with Ann Coulter!)

4:34 PM, March 04, 2007  

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