13 February, 2007

Stir plot, cover, simmer for two hours

Two hours of 24 was certainly promising; the hope for some sweet Bauer action was palpable. Unfortunately it didn't play out that way. Sure, there were a few moments of action, but hardly enough eight and nine hours into the show. Like Jack here, we're just waiting.

That is not to say I'm bored; it's a good plot so far, well thought out and cohesive, but the execution of that plot on CTU's part really needs to pick up some speed. It's almost too involved at this point, too much to keep track of. Not like season four, with it's many plots and many resolutions, and not like season one with its singular plot. Definitely a mix of the two; complex plot, plodding pace.

But it's tough to keep track of for sure, and this week's two hour special didn't help matters. Here is what we as viewers need to keep in mind each and every episode thus far, and some notes/speculation on those as I see necessary.

- How is Papa Bauer involved? What's the bigger connection, and does Graem's involvement in season five mean that he and Phillip were involved before then as well?

- How ruthless IS Phillip Bauer? I'm certain he'll go as far as to kill Josh Bauer, and Marilyn should have known that. She certainly should have said something to Jack in the car there. It looked like she was trying to before he and the agents went in to the rigged house, but didn't make it in time.

- What's going on with Milo and Marilyn now? Milo is obviously tougher than I originally thought, but that doesn't mean he's not going to get himself captured. They were in the preview for the next episode so there's not much to that, but still.

- How frosty was the marriage between Marilyn and Graem? She didn't seem too upset when informed of her husband's death. "I've been trying to leave Graem for years." ::yawn:: didn't see THAT coming an hour ago, as soon as she found out Graem was dead. I wonder what went on, exactly, between she and Jack.

- Along those lines, who is Chloe going to coddle now that both Milo AND Morris have gone 'in the field' and gotten themselves into trouble. She's going to have a breakdown trying to keep those two in line.

- Where are the other three nukes? What are the other targets for the day? Morris seems to have programed "the device" to actually work, not to self-destruct or something like I thought he would. No good.

- How long will it be until Karen Hayes comes back to kick Tom Lennox's ass? She's definitely not out of the picture, but it's unclear in what capacity she will return. My guess? Something happens to Buchanan that he can't run CTU. What other reason would there be for her returning to Los Angeles immediately after resigning?

- Will Tom go through with whatever plot his little lap dog turned puppet master has cooked up? What IS that plot anyway? Who's behind it?

- Is Al-Assad truly trying to build a peace between his group and America, or is this some sort of other plot we don't even know about yet? Unclear.

- Will Jack hold up emotionally and physically to the stress of another 15 straight hours? He went from one stressful day, straight to a container ship and two years of captivity, and right back in to another terrorist plot. Not exactly much time to relax during all that, eh?

- Where is the catastrophic failure of a sub-plot featuring Walid Al-Rezani and Sandra Palmer headed? Nowhere I hope. If I never see (or hear) her again I'll be more than happy. I'm sure she and her big mouth will be back, though.
- To what extent is Gredenko involved? Surely he'll be around much longer in the season than Fayed. How much further up the chain does this whole thing go? Is Phillip the end of the line?

- What is Vice-President Daniels' agenda through all his? He's sort of like Lennox in that he doesn't agree with the President, but is he involved in some other way, or just balancing the powers in the White House?

- What is Wayne Palmer expecting from Al-Assad's televised address? What brought on his sudden bout of conscience/growing a pair? Can that continue? Is Lennox going to get involved in another 24 assassination attempt, or something less serious to remove Palmer from office? More importantly, from where did Palmer pull this face? Pensive? Angry? Constipated?

...And that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure I'm forgetting something here, and if I am feel free to comment.

Something HAS to give, and soon. There is too much going on to add anything else to the plot. Next week something must be resolved, hopefully in a swift manner with lots of shooting and yelling "My name is Jack Bauer, I'm a federal agent."

If not, I'm just going to have to go and watch season four again as a coping mechanism.


And now, some notes from the two hour block:

- There's no need for the satellite tracking Milo; Jack's there in real time. In a helicopter. Seeing a much less pixilated version of things. They still lost him. Duh.

- When McCarthy broke the window of that truck, I was kind of hoping some hillbilly was inside. That would have ruled. This is also why I don't get to write TV shows. All my characters would meet funny but unfortunate endings, including the main character, very early in the season.

- Speaking of trucks, when the was that Kurt Russel in that truck that drove by during the underpass scene, smoking on his way to another blown audition? That would be a good fight, Snake Pliskin v. Jack. Who wins?

- I KNEW the blonde would come through in the end. Didn't see her shooting McCarthy and taking the money for herself based on Morris' coercion. Weird… She got it in the end though. Some not so subtle commentary on greed. And blondes.

- You need to use your influence? More like You need to use your inside voice.

- I wish Cingular or other phone services made it that easy to "upload data." Maybe it wouldn't take so damn long to program in all those freaking numbers every time I get a new phone.

- The temporary removal of Chloe directly causes Jack and CTU to lose McCarthy.

- Second-fiddle terrorist: "There really is a fire, what do we do?" BWA HA HA. Worst acting ever.

- When Jack and the CTU gang bust in, it looks like the shooting gallery in an arcade where the various prairie dogs pop out of the ground with targets on them. Also Jack and a shotgun are a winning team.

- My note when Marilyn said she might recognize the house: "They're going to drive around West LA looking for a random house, and find it in under an hour? Seems plausible."

- Another note: "Chloe running point from CTU? Something goes down on this for SURE. Phillip Bauer is one conniving old bastard. And the best is that everyone trusts him."

- Jack to Marilyn: "I promise you I won't put you in any danger." Clearly a lie.

- Did you SEE that gratuitous long shot of the Ford logo on the car Jack was driving? I kind of want a Ford now. Not sure why. Oh, and a gun.

- And finally, Milo driving that souped up UPS truck through the Playskool Kiddie castle as absolutely priceless. That the cascade of grenades going off.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
And that's a wrap this week. Check back next week (and whenever really) for more 24 speculation sure to be proven wrong mere days later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tom comes through in the end, but sadly loses his life. Wonder why spying on the suspected terrorists is such abad thing? after the nuke goes off? and beating the hell out of Mr.CAIR is justified?

Jack and Marilyn do it before the 24 hours are up "There is ALWAYS time for that!" -Jack Bauer

Wayne Palmer needs some vagisil on that beard.

One of these hours, soon, there's gonna be a Bauer bloodbath.

Just some idle speculation.

7:33 PM, February 19, 2007  

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