16 February, 2007

Watch as he pushes the clutter on the desk aside with ease...

Walter loves sleeping on my desk, especially underneath of the light just to the left of my keyboard. It puts out a good deal of heat and acts like an incubator for the little guy.

He's getting bigger though, and doesn't fit in the space as well as he used to. Often when he lays down, things cascade over the edge of my desk as he pushes them aside. Things such as my keyboard. It's annoying.

He doesn't just sleep there either, he uses it as a staging area of sorts to launch airborne strikes on Millie (our other cat), the carpet, or air. To do this he walks over my keyboard, often disturbing whatever it is I may be doing at the time. While I don't mind this so much, it gets annoying when he not only closes but manages to delete (perfectly legal) files that I'm downloading, particularly if those files are upwards of 9 GB and take days to finish. Yeah, it's happened.

But I really like when he actually sleeps on my desk; he's so peaceful and it calms me. Plus when I can see him in front of me I know he's not tearing things into tiny shreds somewhere else in the apartment. Although lately that's been Millie's forte. She particularly enjoys throwing toilet paper around in the bathroom. I know this because the little shreds, still wet from being chewed on, stick to my feet every morning.

I'm heading to Maryland tonight, but returning to Philly on Saturday. I'm always so reluctant to drive my car anywhere because I hate finding parking. Since there is still snow in the street (and it'll remain there due to the temp not rising above freezing), I know that when I come back it'll be such a pain finding a spot. Nobody is going to be driving anywhere I'm sure, so it'll probably take upwards of 25 minutes to find a spot to park, which will inevitably not be within a two block radius from my apartment. I wish I could get a city parking pass, that would make things easier.

I feel the need to re-design this blog again. It's been a few months. Maybe I'll do that when I get a free moment. Meaning: it's a pipe dream.

I'd like to share with you a few things I saw posted by some of those on my blogroll.

Andy Rees, who seems to like writing more than whatever the hell his major is (something math and science-y of course), had a brilliant idea for a party that I'm sure he ripped off from someone else. I can't prove it so I'm giving him credit. So the idea: A Bullshit Party. Andy explains:
"It's essentially taking the idea of a masquerade ball to the extreme. The idea is simple, nothing you say or hear is true, except for phone numbers and relationship status. All else is bullshit."
Sounds like something else I've heard of before, but I think they called that a Fraternity Rush party. Yeah. Seriously though, this is a great idea in theory, except when you find out that the girl you took home was bullshitting you when she said she didn't have the clap.

Naked Drinking Coffee, one of my favorite blog authors (I wish he'd update daily) offers this advice for those who were single on Valentines day:
"Feel free to stumble home at three in the morning smelling of Bourbon, smoke, and strippers without having to deal with the “where have you been, it’s Valentine’s Day and we should be celebrating our love” stare."
I'm especially fond of his Miles Kendall project, seen here. Explanation here. By writing that I'm a fan, I'm also a participant!

LAist has a funny story, with video, about Joe Rogan getting banned from a comedy club because Carlos Mencia felt "physically threatened" by Joe. Umm, last time I checked Joe is a pretty intimidating guy. Plus after years of following and commentating on the UFC, he must have picked up something. Carlos needs to not steal Joe Rogan's jokes, or Joe Rogan might go all Joe Rogan on him and end his ability to speak. Actually, carry on Carlos.

You can also check out Joe's official site where he has a more in-depth explanation for what happened that night, and a history of he and Carlos's highs and lows. It's pretty funny because if you read into it a little bit, it's pretty clear that Joe wants to kick Carlos' ass. The image from Joe's site, which I have blatantly copied and put here (appropriate given the whole story) was originally titled 'lovingyou.jpg.' Dude's got a sense of humor. Yeah, that'll do nicely.

Pitchers and catchers reported. I joined a fantasy baseball league. I finally have access to ESPN Insider, complete with fantasy reports and predictions. There goes the spring/summer. Sorry Gwen.


Blogger Mike said...

How old is Walter?

2:00 PM, February 16, 2007  
Blogger Gwen said...



11:44 PM, February 16, 2007  
Blogger Lou said...

He's only a few months, still a kitten for sure.


2:32 AM, February 17, 2007  
Blogger Naked Drinking Coffee said...

I wish I had the time (and enough good material) to update daily too. Sadly though, I'm a lazy drunken fool.

Actually, that's not too sad...

Glad you like the site and thanks for letting more people know that Miles Kendall is a huge douche.

8:16 PM, February 19, 2007  

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