14 February, 2007

Why aren't any streets clear at noontime around this dungeon?

When I said yesterday that it sucked riding my bike to work, I had no idea what was in store for today. I took a look at the road in front of my apartment this morning and figured that there was no way I'm pushing my thin-ass bike tires through that.

So I start walking, figuring no problem, I'll hail a cab. I get a couple blocks and notice there's not really any cabs on the road. Or cars, or even people. Probably just because of the snow, I thought. This is a city, there's always cabs around, it'll be fine.

27 blocks later I arrived at work, on foot and pissed. The net total of cabs that passed me on the way there? Three, and they all had fares. I called the numbers on all three cabs and asked for a pick-up, and was told by all three that there were no cabs in the area.

I should have taken the Market-Frankford line, at least that's running, and quite a bit safer than driving anyhow. It really is good that I didn't ride my bike though, I would still be pedaling. The roads were truly awful from door to door, including the South St. bridge, which usually gets cleared up pretty quickly.

Coincidentally I was more awake when I got to work today than I have ever been before. Usually I glide through the city in a state of half consciousness on my way to work, and remain that way until after my coffee has some time to settle in. Nope, today I trekked through the snow for 45 minutes, which will wake anyone up.

On another note, at around one today the streets around Penn still had not been cleared, nor had the sidewalks. Not even on Chestnut St., a main drag for this part of the city. Odd.

I've been in the mood for deviled eggs ever since last Sunday when I had them at work, and I think today might be the day I go right ahead and make them. Either that or egg salad. Or both, because I am having trouble deciding between the two.

I've also been in the mood for salad in general. Since there isn't much food at my house accounting to the fact that we haven't been grocery shopping in ever, I'm usually in the mood to eat something.

New episode of Lost tonight. Goodie.

England sucks for kids. Now with scientific clout!

Orienteering course on Mars. Echo course would be hard, sound doesn't travel well there right?

Image from Flickr user NoOtherOne, who has some nice shots of Philly


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