19 March, 2007

'Effing sinuses

"Are you sick?"

"No," I lie. "I'm fine."

Well, it wasn't entirely a lie. Four minutes before my mom called, I felt fine. Of course I got a bit congested for some unknown reason moments before her call, and by an hour later it felt as if someone had forced a rugby ball into my sinuses and inflated it.

I have never felt congestion like this before in my life. It's the kind that when you swallow, your ears pop and your tongue clicks a bit. The kind where you can't talk and breathe at the same time. The kind where you can't blow your nose because your sinuses are too impacted and yet your nose continually runs.

And of course wiping your nose every 15 seconds with prison issue toilet paper does wonders for the sensitive skin under said nose.

I have never had congestion come on so suddenly and with such veracity. I'm spending tonight with a carton of orange juice, the strongest decongestant I can find (suggestions?) and a box of those tissues with aloe and papaya or something.

Still, I don't feel sick. I am not congested in my chest. I don't feel feverish, weak, tired or otherwise ill. I hate congestion, it's the only part of winter that I would do away with if given the chance.


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