09 March, 2007

Because there really isn't much else to do on Fridays

This post is about justification. I enjoy keeping house in my little corner of the internet, and at the same time I love reading other blogs. In something of an irregular several part series, I'm going to go down my blogroll and justify why I have someone linked, if I know them or not, and other thoughts as I see fit. It's something I've thought about doing for a while since I pretty much click through all the links to the right at least once every day, sometimes more.

The "Keep In Touch" and "Self Promotion" sections are pretty straightforward. One is how to get back at me, and the other is places for which I do occasional work. Moving on, the "Tangible" section is a list of folks I know personally and have encountered on more than one occasion. Many were classmates at college, but some I know from other places such as camp. Here's how:

Sara Allen: I met Sara my junior year, when she was a freshman. I used to enjoy when we would frustrate ourselves over the crossword during my senior year.

TR Auclair: Met TR my sophomore year. We lives together my senior year at school. He is from Rhode Island and I have on more than one occasion stayed at his house during both the summer and winter.

Ryan Carey: He was a year ahead of me in school, and is pretty much nuts. One of my favorite parts of college was playing ultimate frisbee on the baseball field with he and others.

Amanda Digiandomenico: Not going to lie, I copied and pasted her name. Amanda roped me into doing some stuff for the yearbook my freshman year, and was also with the theater group. She's moving to Cleveland soon, but she's still a'ight in my book.

Ali Eaton: Some of my first and best college memories include Ali, among them late night Llanerch runs after tech and bitter nights in the Collegian office.

Seth Hetu: Not sure which summer I first met Seth, but he worked at camp for several summers with me. He's currently living in Singapore, but the bond among coffee drinkers is strong with this one.

Pat Hogan: Pat and I worked on the Collegian together, and he used to sleep less than pretty much everyone else I knew. He was my senior year's Ed Mahon, only more inclined toward Wii.

Drew Lazor
: I went to high school and college with Drew, and shared a house with him for the last two years of college. His knowledge of trivial pop culture and things NBA astounds me. It's pretty unnatural, really.

Justin Leo
: Justin went to La Salle with me, and he currently lives the life of a movie star (pre-fame) in LA. We are, however, in constant e-mail contact via-Nighthawks.

Steve Lipenta: I met Steve through Paul Tsikitas (more on him momentarily), and though he goes to St. Joes, I do not dislike him. He used to come to my house and play poker occasionally with several other people and play Radiohead covers on the acoustic guitar.

Denise Maher: Worked with Denise on the Collegian, where she was a fairly cutthroat news editor my junior year. I'm not sure why she hasn't decked me yet for all my misogynistic commentary, but she is quite the unflappable spirit.

Mike McGeary: I met Mike through Turco, and have seen his back covered in Nair (which wasn't pretty.) Mike slept on floors all across the country and ate Peanut Butter sandwiches for a year in the name of Democracy, and for this I admire him. He's also the voice of the Lady Jumbo's (Tufts) basketball team, and for this I mock him.

Megan McGee: I met Megan my junior year at La Salle, and spent many mornings in Backstage with her discussing a litany of topics and people. She is also an avid cross-worder, and we got along famously for that.

Adam McGrath: Adam was the entertainment editor for the Collegian before I, and inspired me to cut corners in the most effective way possible (that's a compliment.) I wish he lived closer than Chicago because we'd definitely hang out more often. He hasn't updated his journal since October, but I leave the link there in hope.

Joe Pelone: Joe was the entertainment editor to follow me at the Collegian. I still talk to him on occasion, and admire his devotion to his work despite the slackerish ways he attempts to show. The staff once tried to buy his edge, but he wasn't selling, choosing instead to give it away for free later. He's still cool, though.

Andy Rees: Andy and I worked at camp together, and he's currently a freshman at RIT. Why he's not pursuing a writing career is beyond me, but I suppose he's just smarter than writers. He's into computers and science, but writes in a quirky manner I very much enjoy.

Dan Somovilla: Dan went to college with me, and is an odd bird in the best way possible. He loves football and beer, but only in excess, and shares a dislike for the Eagles with me (although he does like the Steelers.)

Drew Stephan: Drew and I shared a hall for a year of college, then a dorm room for the following year, and a house for the last two years. He used to shower very infrequently but has since been cured of this. Because he lives two blocks from me, we still hang out all the time.

Duane Swierczynski: The moderator for the Collegian for a year while I was there, and the current editor in chief of the Citypaper. He writes (excellent) crime novels at night. He's an awesome guy and did a book reading at my house during my senior year in college.

Paul Tsikitas: Paul and I graduated together, and he's pretty much awesome. His taste in music is somewhat antiquated, but I don't hold that against him. Also he used to have excellent parties at his apartment.

James Turco: I met James when I was 15 when we worked together at camp. He's from Rhode Island and lives in Boston so I don't get to hang out as much as I'd like. He's bitter and cynical, likes baseball and music, and drinks both coffee and beer frequently, so we get along famously.

Gwen Tuxbury: I met Gwen my sophomore year in college after she transfered from Boston University. We started dating that spring and moved in together (officially) this fall. She's pretty much the best.

Pam Woodward: Met Pam my senior year in college, and for as reserved as she seems to be, she's great on stage. Also she seems to stay out of petty drama, which is always a positive thing.

So that's that. Oh by the way if I know you personally, you're reading this, and you didn't see your name above, let me know and I'll put a link to your little corner of the world wide web there as well.

In the next part of this series, which will be posted when I feel like it, I'll let you know what it is that makes me inclined to read through the host of other blogs that I do.


Blogger Sara said...

Lou, you're the cutest. The crosswords still piss me off, but last week I was able to get the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND a smidge of the Thursday! Wahoo progress!

12:34 AM, March 10, 2007  
Blogger James said...

You forgot: "dodged Phil's staplers, phones, as well as other various and sundry projectile items together, summers 2004-2005"

2:20 PM, March 12, 2007  

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