06 March, 2007

Music and literature consume my life

Because I got a record player about a month ago, I've been thinking about getting some stuff on vinyl now because a. it's cheap and b. that's the original form. Today I purchased History of Eric Clapton from Rustic Music on 13th St. for $2. It's grainy, but sounds great just the same.

A lot of records are like that, such as the old Simon and Garfunkel or Beatles records I got from my mom when she gave me the player. Sure, they sound great on a remastered CD, but the urgent sound is lost. So too is the decision as to which tracks to put on the side people are most likely to listen to, and which to relegate to the reverse side. Kind of a neat process that's been lost with technology.

Like I'd mentioned before, I get to listen to whatever I want while I'm at the coffee shop; consequently, I played back to back to back live sets from The Slip yesterday. Recher Theater, Lupo's Dec. 29th, and Wild Duck Music Hall sets. Today I'm thinking some older stuff, followed by some Zox, Wet Confetti and Les Sans Culottes. I lead a diverse musical existence.

I finished the book The Sex Lives of Cannibals last week at work. It's not quite qhat it sounds like, but it was right up my alley. Basically a guy and his wife move to an island in the middle of the Pacific for two years. They move there so she can take a job, and he decides to be an 'author' while he's there, which is code for roving around aimlessly and documenting two years on the equator. I definitely enjoyed it, and it was decently easy to read.

Worked 9 hours at the bakery on Sunday and it was about as busy as it could be while still almost keeping up with things. Owning to the flower show going on upstairs, about 90% of the time at work was spent at the counter helping people, and there was a line even with two of us working the counter and two people doing other bakery things.

Last night was the first time I missed 24, but thankfully it's always available for hi-res, commercial free download from a perfectly legal *cough* website mere hours later. I finished receiving the episode, and it's torturous to wait until tonight to watch it. I'm doing the nice thing and only watching the first few minutes though, lest Gwen become angry that I watched it without her. I tried taping it but apparently programming the VCR is impossible. The myths about NASA scientists not being able to do it are surely true. I was positive that I did it correctly, but I came home to a blank tape. Man was I pissed.

Holy shiat, this is insane. Money says this dude found religion shortly thereafter.

Hunter S. Thompson was pretty much the best. Photos and the like.


Blogger Mike said...

Those are some cool Hunter S photos. Never seen any of em before.

5:15 PM, March 06, 2007  

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