29 March, 2007

Carnival of Bauer, Prez. DeWayne edition

"Look, Daniels, I know we've been playing phone tag for a minute now, but this is ridiculous..."

This week's 24 was kind of nuts, and maybe not in a good way. While not entirely believable, there was a bit of killing, a bit of romance and of course there was the first time I actually rooted for Wayne Palmer when he did anything. Anyway let's get going on this blog carnival. There's 15 episodes down, meaning only 9 more to go. Decent!

Kyle Brandt spent some time interviewing the latest statistic on the Jack Bauer Kill counter (Yeah, he's still alive, only for real in the real world). There's some really good stuff here on the inner workings of 24. Definitely this week's must-read.

Amy of Remote Access gives us one of the more thoughtful blogs of the week. Among other things, she wonders if this is the season with no mole and what what really is up with Doyle and Johnson. Sounds like a sitcom, no? Anyhow, it's definitely worth reading.

Morning Maniac Dave drops a short run down on what he learned during the 15th hour of 24. Short, sweet, and hilarious if you are in the know (if you're reading this then you're in the know, go see it.)

Steve at Magic Lamp gives us his usual rundown of he show. By usual I mean pretty damn funny. It takes almost as long to read as the show takes to watch. It's worth it though. Done and done.

Carnival sponsor and all around nice guy Blogs 4 Bauer heard (from a little bird, of course) some good news about Cougar Bait. Drop by to find out (and in general.)
If you haven't seen the 24 in 24 site, you're missing out. There's a weekly blog, but the comics are the best. I wait for them to come out every week, and I always wish they were longer.

Emperor Misha I of Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler puts forth a lengthy but compelling argument for why Joel Surnow has 'jumped the shark' based on this weeks' episode. I'm not going to stop watching by any means, but it's always good to have a different view on things.

Rachel of Tinkerty Tonk noticed that the internet is the cause of the CTU info leaks. Insightful post including Chloe's MySpace. Stalkers go!

Jeff of Truth v. The Machine revs up the machine for a not so serious look at the 15th hour. "Watching Jack patronize Rain Man and then shove him out into harm’s way may be the most barfingly bizarre thing this show has done." HA!

Over at Cake or Death, jwookie notes that Jack likes helping the de-de-dee's, and there's a good (read:hot) picture of Nadia. And it's funny. Done and done. Go now, the force of Cake compels you.

King Tom enlightens his citizens with a recap of this week's episode and whining about the lack of Jack (hey, that rhymed!) Also kudos for using the phrase "someone with, shall we say, 'unique mathematical skills'." Well done.

Dean, being the Thoughtful Conservative that he is, urges people to get a grip, wondering what the deal is with the machismo Milo and the suddenly sentimental Jack.

Yankz of Sour Apple Jello, while not really focusing on this season of 24, has a great top 10 list of 24's Most Shocking Moments. Go and join the debate. Come on, Edgar dying wasn't in the top 10? Seriously go debate now.


In order to better feed your addiction, remember to check out Blogs4Bauer.


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