03 March, 2007

Credit or Debit?

Every once in a while at the shop I'll get a phone call. It always begins like this:
Me: "Hello, Cafe Mocha"

The other end: Click or beeping sound "Hi, do you guys insert innocuous or blatantly obvious question here.
Sample questions are things like "Do you guys serve coffee?" or "Are you open right now?"
Me: "Yes."
Invariably the answer is yes.
The other end: "Great. Do you take credit cards"

Me: "Yes"

The other end: "Do you have one of those card readers?"

Me: "Yes."

The other end: "Thanks!"
Then they immediately hang up.

This happens 8+ times a day, and it's always the same. These people don't really care whether we are open or that we serve coffee; all they care about is selling me, and the shop, a credit card reader. That's what the clicking or beeping is about at the beginning of the call. Much like the telemarketers that interrupt any important activity you may be doing, they call 5-10 places at once, and the calls are transfered to an operator bank as they are picked up.

It's annoying only because their pitch is the same across the board. Innocuous question that anyone might pose to such a shop (only there is a 100% chance the answer is yes) to catch you off guard, then the real question, whether or not you accept credit cards. I wish just once someone would ask something like "are your fire extinguishers charged?" That's just funny enough that I wouldn't get so angry at being interrupted from my reading for the 8th time that morning.

Then there was the girl who, when staring at the menu, professed that she "would never have thought to order espresso here. I'll have to try it sometime."

That kind of stupidity needs no commentary.

I saw The Slip again Wednesday night and it ruled. I like the World Cafe, it's small and you really feel like you're near the stage even in the back. And the acoustics are fantastic as well.

The second band that played, Earl Greyhound, was pretty much brilliant. Right from the first song they had Paul and I hooked, which doesn't happen very often. I definitely bought their CD after the set, and it's damn good as well.

Here are a few pictures I took at the show using Gwen's camera. I'm forever grateful that she lets me use it to document my goings about at live shows. Maybe one of these days I'll get my own...
Singer Brad Barr

Bassist Marc Friedman

Drummer Andrew Barr on the Steel Drum

Brad and Marc back to back. Some fool's head jumped in the frame at the time of the shot, but I still like it anyway.

Other Pictures from the show are here.


Blogger James said...

Jesus Lou, you took a lot of photos. They all look really sharp though, I must say.

11:09 PM, March 04, 2007  

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