07 March, 2007

The Jack line: It's not $0.99 per minute, you pay with your little finger

There are only three distinct occurrences of a full phone number being given out in 5 and a half seasons of 24, that I'm aware of. Once in Day 4, and twice so far in Day 6. Jack is the one to give out the number each time. In Day 4 he gave his number to someone, I forget who, and said to call him after some event or other. In the current day he gave out his brother Graem's number a few hours ago, and in this weeks episode he gave the unfortunately obvious soon to be deceased Russian fellow the number for CTU.

So being the huge fanboy that I am, when he gave out the number in Day 4, 310-597-3781. Again, being a fanboy, I called the number; it's a Spanish language recording for a Nextel 24 hotline. You can, from what I understand, leave a voice mail for Jack Bauer. Of course I saved this in my phone book for future amusement, and in the hopes that he would one day call me...

Anyhow I was super excited to hear another full phone number on Tuesday's show, and this time for CTU. I dialed it in and hit save to phone book. The following message popped up: "This number is already in use for: Jack Bauer." Man was I annoyed. I thought I'd stumbled on another little 24 quirk I could enjoy, but no. Smart to give out the same number, but I don't recall it being in Spanish last time I called.

Graem's number, 818-555-0175, just finds a message saying the number is not a valid one. Maybe it's because he's deceased now. Things to ponder.

On an unrelated note, my first cell phone was the one Jack used for most of Day 1, and the one George Mason uses for much of Day 2. It's the Nokia with the face that slides up and down over the keypad. I thought it looked cool when I got it, and I was proven right. I still have that phone somewhere, maybe I'll start using it again.

Anyhow, this week definitely played out like I've been hoping. Some action, some resolution, and some big 'well, duh' moments.

If you follow 24 at all you knew Reed Pollock wasn't going to go far as a bad guy. His plot line was too short-sighted and he didn't have a gun. His exposure was inevitable, but I'm glad it was Lennox who turned him in. In an e-mail from Drew: "Tom Lennox is kinda gully now." True, and now he and Karen Hayes can form an awkward little alliance in which Tom goes all Vigo the Carpathian and tries humping her leg. And of course Vice President Daniels wants to pin this all on Tom based on testomony and his flip-flopping on the plan to round up all the middle easterners. From my entry last week: "That said, I think the whole bombing thing is going to be blamed on Lennox." Just sayin...

The graphic of the 'shadow computer' inside the Russian consulate was almost laughable. As if that graphic has any bearing on the understanding of the nomenclature by anyone at CTU. If you need that graphic to go 'ah, now I understand, yes, you trace those messages,' chances are you're fodder for terrorist violence at some point during the day anyway.

Raise your hand if you think going into the Russian Embassy was a good idea. Nobody? Okay, raise your hand if you don't think this will come back at some point. Nobody again? Well good, you all get a 2/2. Though I feel this is more of a moment designed to demonstrate yet again Jack's willingness to sacrifice himself personally for the good of the country, I do think it's a plot ploy to make us fear the worst. Still, not a good idea breaking into an embassy. Pretty great that he speaks Russian, though.

It seemed perfectly clear the moment the Russian Consul cut his cigar with Logan that, at some point, a cigar cutter was coming in to play. As well despite his patriotic little foray away from the farm, I still don't like Logan. Unclear why exactly, but it probably has something to do his his being a giant bastard during day 5. The man responsible for the death of David Palmer isn't ever going to hold my trust again. He does however resemble Richard Nixon, so at least he has something going for him.

Man, things are getting good, and there's no way next week isn't good too. Jack still needs to get out of the consul, which will happen by subversive force from CTU of course. Bill Buchanan is the business for calling this in. I'm excited. His wife still has more balls than he does, though. It's true and you know it.

Sandra Palmer has been absent long enough that her whining bray has almost faded from my nightmares. Bet she comes back next week and bitches about Waild some more.

I'm excited yes, but still a little pissed that the Jack Bauer message line is a. in Spanish and b. always full so you can never leave a message. Come on Jack, check your voice mail. Than again, when has Jack ever checked his voice mail? Never mind.


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