28 March, 2007

Some suspect business going down

In season 5 of 24, Chloe is ousted from the CTU office and aids Jack from a laptop in some rando bar (suspiciously near Bill Buchanan's house.) Friday night this dude was in the shop near the end of the night doing something similar; of course I had to listen in to what I could hear of his conversation and stole a few glances at his laptop.

I don't think I'll be compromising national security protocol or anything by relating this because I don't think rogue CTU operatives wear giant TO Dallas Cowboys jersey's and Tims' while on the job, so read on. This guy clearly worked for some private company, maybe even a company he owns, that does surveillance on folks.

Here's the scene. The guy walks in, big dude, wearing a TO Cowboys jersey. He's on his bluetooth headset when he walks to the counter. He excuses himself from his conversation and asks me if we have wireless here. I inform him that yes we do, and he orders a Mocha and coffee cake and sits down.

I make the mocha and heat up the coffee cake and bring it to his table. He's back on his headset, staring at a screen which displays 4 video feeds. The feeds were of a streetcorner shot from various angles. I'm curious.

"I'm handling the situation" he says into the headset. "Don't screw this up we've only got one shot to get this guy."

Sweet, I thought. I 'did some dishes' for a moment, the sink being in sight line of his laptop screen. The guy moved the cameras around, zooming in on people's faces as they walked in and out of whatever corner location he and his silent partner on the phone were observing.

"You've got to get out of there," the guy said. "They're on to you...I don't know, tell them something. Just get out of there where you can talk."

Then moments later:

"Is this line compromised? Okay, I'm changing your password and login, I think they've got you bugged.... Yeah, make sure when the guy comes out you're on it, we're only got one shot... Hold there for a second, cross the street when I tell you... Okay, you've only got a few minutes, in and out man."

This guy and his partner were in on some crazy bust or something. Who knows what they were really up to. From the end of the conversation I could hear, I think they work for some private investigation company and they were setting up some sort of sting operation. Whatever the case, it was funny to see something like that happening right before my eyes (and ears). Also the guy tipped me a few bucks, so I'm on his side for whatever.

I really wanted to ask him what he was up to, but I was afraid of getting tazered. See the pictures below for a visual depiction of what happened to the fellow who tried interrupting Chloe while she was working:
Oh hey, sup?
Laptop huh? I got one of those for free from my office...
Hey Jack, sorry about that. What's up?

On a similar note, it confuses me when I see people with laptops in bars. There's a few that have free wireless in the area (Doobies, McGlinchey's, etc.) Isn't the point of going to a bar to drink, not to make revisions to your Excel spreadsheet and the like? I guess I just have a different idea of what going to the bar means.


Blogger Adam said...

That's an awesoe story. "They're ONTO YOU!"

3:35 PM, March 28, 2007  

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