21 March, 2007

Thanks to a variety of stimulants I am still conscious and functional

At around 7 am the manic jitters set in. The back of your legs start to sweat. Your eyes burn for a few moments. Motivation for anything is gone. Your fingers grow heavy and typing feels like you're banging sausage links against the keyboard.

Then, it all goes away. If you're staying up all night, this is the worst part. The afterward is one of my favorite feelings in the world though; that moment when the jitters go away and you feel almost normal again. When that first breath of fresh air fills you up when you step outside and the whole day is ahead of you, a whole day is behind you, and you're still experiencing it all without having slept.

Of course not sleeping isn't really the best or most healthy thing to do to one's body. It is, however, the best way to get work finished on a deadline. Especially if that work is finishing a layout in a program that you last saw before you were of legal age (Pagemaker 6.5), wrestling the beast to print to a PDF, and then proofing the whole 56 page fiasco.

However thanks to Vitamin water, Monster Energy Drinks, and a certain amount of personal tenacity, I made this situation a reality. Burned the damn thing to a CD this morning at 7:15 am and it's getting shipped off just as soon as I get off work.

In a related meandering, this morning was the first time I actually had something to do immediately after finishing what I had been working on all night. In college when I would pull all nighters, the absolute worst part would be the three hours or so I had to kill between finishing work and going to the class to hand in said work.

This morning I was actually worried that I might not get the whole thing finished before I had to open the Cafe at 8. It was great motivation not to screw around on last.fm or somesuch website. I got to work on time, opened faster than I ever have due to the fact that I wasn't 'still waking up' when I got here, made myself a bagel and tea and am now deeply concerned with the Philadelphia Weekly crossword.

Speaking of the Weekly, what the HELL is up with their cover story this week? Street games? Seriously? I suppose covering any sort of actual news is really left to Philadelphia Will Do, then.

I know people are sick of hearing about the impending Mayoral
elections, sick of hearing about the rising death toll this year, sick of hearing about lots of things. But seriously, a cover 'story' about Street Games? Basically the Weekly sucks. This is the latest in a long line of weak Weekly covers, which I have commented on before in this blog.


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