31 March, 2007

These damn kids

When I was younger, in my early teens, I was really into skateboarding, roller blading, biking and all those 'extreme' sports. Of course, I was also into the style of clothes and everything else that went along with riding a wooden plank or strapping wheels to your feet.

I remember the style well: huge, baggy pants, wide shoes (untied of course), and huge t-shirts. If you were wearing a hat it was a nice worn in baseball style cap. Long hair was pretty much the norm, but not like put it in a ponytail long. Most of my friends either had hair down to their eyes or a little longer, or short cropped hair, nothing really in between. The CCS catalog was pretty much a consumer's bible when it came to skateboarding. I remember getting my first 'skate shirt' when I was in 5th grade, the Etnies devil shirt.

This memory all comes about because I keep seeing skater kids around town, and they look nothing like I remember. The huge shoes are still there, but the pants are incredibly tight. This used to be a style rocked uniquely by Ed Tempelton and occasionally Mike Valley, but apparently it's the new thing to do. I checked out the CCS website to see if it was just a Philly thing, but tight jeans and tiny t-shirts are all they carry in their catalog now. It seems as if the 'kids' are wearing tighter everything nowadays. Makes sense I guess, it's just odd when I see a kid riding his skateboard and I can't seem to shake the established image of what I think he should look like. Does that makes sense?

Since I can't shake that image the whole thing looks completely ridiculous to me. Of course this brings me to the realization of just how ridiculous I must have looked in jeans that were about three sizes too big for me and a t-shirt made for someone standing 5'8". My parents must have had incredible patience while waiting for that stage to pass. It took all through middle school and up to about sophomore year in high school.

I'd like to think I look a tad less foolish than I used to, but I'm sure that to many people that is not the case. I don't suppose the mustache helps, but whatever.

And a few notes on the coffee shop for good measure:

- Earl Grey tea smells like cat shit, and tastes worse I would imagine. Peppermint tea on the other hand is downright splendid.

- No, homeless guy, I don't want you to wash the windows of the shop. I don't care if you 'do it all the time,' I'm not opening the register and giving you money. You don't even have a ladder, and the windows are floor to ceiling. What, are you going to jump?

- Note to the lady on the cell phone: Shut it. And stop rubbing my back as you pace around the shop, it's creepy. Also no, you can't have 'some more hot water' in your cup, because you are drinking tea and that's a refill.

- To the people that comment on the tip jar and the funny note/drawing on it (Tip people, not cows) and then don't leave a tip: Fuck you.

- To caffeine: thanks!

Lily Allen's 'Knock 'em Out' stopped me in my tracks and demanded my full attention. I'd heard of her before but it definitely wasn't what I was expecting from someone with such a nice name. I checked out her website and found that she sings another song I like. It's called 'Everything's Just Wonderful' on her site if you're keeping track.

....And as always, gratuitous makeout pictures on Facebook or MySpace make me want to hit people. Stop it. Just stop.


Blogger Mike said...

I can't seem to shake the established image of what I think he should look like. Does that makes sense? Since I can't shake that image the whole thing looks completely ridiculous to me.

I don't your exact age, Lou, but I assume I'm somewhere in the range of 15 years older than you. And I can assure you that the whole "baggy" look of the early to mid-90s was both unattractive and ridiculous.

And then I yelled at you guys to get off my lawn.

My whole mid to late-80s neo-hippy thing was utterly absurd too, I assure you.

6:31 PM, March 31, 2007  
Anonymous the harley guy said...

If allowing someone to be their own person and just providing a slight guidance when wrong turns are made is called patience, then I guess that you can use that term. However, your "snapshot" of the fashion comes after a few years of transition for skateboarders. I have seen the fashion change ever so slowly over the last number of years by watching those "kids" skateboard around the same vicinity that you grew up in. Each age tries to express themselves as different or rebellious in one form or another. Sometimes, to the dismay of the rest of us watching, in a destructive manner. Hopefully for this world, it will continue to be in a non-destructive manner as clothes and styles. I've got to move my soapbox to a different street corner now. Hang in there!

11:07 AM, April 01, 2007  
Blogger James said...

Ah, just when I think I'm the only miserable, cantankerous fuck in the universe, you go and post something like this.

Hey, at least you don't have that god-awful tip slogan "Tipping isn't just a city in China".

12:57 PM, April 01, 2007  
Blogger S'orlok Reaves said...

It's NOT a city in China. I realize everyone knows this, but can we be a little more ostentatious? Let's start quoting Strong Bad emails, and wearing felt hats. Just... hold this hand grenade for six seconds. Pretty please?

2:04 PM, April 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the 'creepy' lady keeps the same tea bag, it is not a refill.

11:48 AM, July 01, 2007  

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