02 April, 2007

Facebook stalking for fun and profit

I know that some people read this blog because it shows up on their Facebook news feed, so I like to check and make sure that's working from time to time. I prefer going to actual pages to read blogs, because it dramatically improves the content. Cough. Or not.

After checking the integrity of the feed from this here blog, I started browsing profiles on said Facebook. This led me to the profiles of some people with whom I attended high school but were younger than I. I'm fairly sure most people have arrived at this epiphany at one point or another, but here it is anyway: Despite knowing that everyone is aging at the same rate, there are those people who will always remain 'young' to me, and likewise there are those that will always be 'old.' I mean, some of the people I'm talking about, without naming names, are by no means high school freshman anymore.

Although I know this not to be true, that's still how I see them. These people are old enough to go drinking with and yet I still can't fathom them driving a car legally. Or being in college. Or, you know, responsible in any way.

It's like when you look back at elementary school yearbooks and see that one kid that was like, a full year older than everyone else. Despite the fact that he's still 12 years old in the picture, when this happens to me I always see a 12 year old that is older than I am. It's an odd mental quirk that I feel most people have experienced in some way or another.


- Here's Rachel Ray doing what she does best. Mmmmm.

Oh also on Salon.com, if you want to see something funny, check out the Blog Report on Politics. It's great seeing right and left wing blog excerpts on the same page.

- Only nine more episodes of 24. Now we're into the single digits. Alas. Who's the mole? Is there a mole?

- That hot foreign broad with whom Tom Brady shacks up is taking pole dancing lessons. No words. None.

- Speaking of shacking up, The Pirate Bay just climbed in bed with Jim Jong-Il. This after they tried to buy Sealand and set up their own sovereign nation. This is just one of those things that makes me shake my head an smile in a 'these people are plain nuts' sort of way. April Fools, right PB guys? Right?

- Jamiroquai's 'Virtual Insanity' is on the radio as I type this (on XPN, of course). How appropriate. And to think when this song came out there was no such thing as 'Web 2.0,' MySpace, Facebook, Digg, or any of that nonsense. Remember downloading the Sonique mp3 program and listening to Korn songs that took a day and a half to download? Yeah, me too...

- The new track by Tom Morello's band The Nightwatchman, 'The Road I Must Travel,' is so different from anything he's done before (ie Rage Against the Machine) but damn good none the less.

- Annnndd coffee.

I wore a sweatshirt under a jacket to work this morning and could see my breath. It's supposed to be 75 later today. What the hell?


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