20 April, 2007

Morrissey would have had something to sing about for this album, that's for sure

While I seem to always have things to say about the off-kilter or otherwise strange folks that frequent the cafe, I haven't really said that much about the nicer regulars who come in and make my day that much more pleasant.

To start off there's Troy, the owner of the hardware store directly next to the cafe. He always comes in and gets a large coffee and a small coffee for whoever is working with him that day, and always pays with a five. He always leaves a tip too. We had an awkward moment once where I think he thought I wanted to shake his hand, which was not the case. He kind of held his hand out for a few seconds then pulled it back awkwardly. We've been down ever since.

There's Spike, who is a college professor in something smart-related such as math. He always comes in and orders a double espresso, adds nothing to it, and downs the thing in under a minute. I thought he was homeless the first time he came in, but I suppose he's just eccentric. Interesting guy to talk to when he comes in during a slow time.

There are the two Europeans who Gwen reports walked into Jefferson the other day. They always order a double espresso for the shorter one and a double espresso macchiato for the taller. They never tip but are always very polite.

There are the two competitive gay guys who come in and play chess on occasion, who always seem to have arrived from some other sporting event. They never order the same thing and argue playfully the entire time they're in the shop.

Of course there are a slew of students who come in fairly often and are really unremarkable in their mannerisms or eccentricities. Mostly Jefferson students who sink into a deep furrow-browed study session moments after sitting down.

And of course there are the innocuous nut jobs who are here all the time who don't really bother me but seem fairly off their gourd.

My favorite of these is the guy who comes in to work on some audio program who wears these enormous headphones the entire time and practically brings a desktop setup with him. He only ever orders a coffee, and never really drinks it. And then there's the fact that if he's here for three hours, he will use the bathroom no less than six times, and he always announces to me that he's using the bathroom, and would that be okay. At this rate he's used it ten-fold more times than I have since I've worked here.

He tried to bribe me the other day by saying he'd just come from dinner and wasn't hungry and didn't want coffee, but if he left me a tip could he use the internet for a while? I was like 'umm, I guess so, but how about buying a water or something?' He did, and left it unopened on the table when he left.

The most recent of the odd birds is a girl who, if she were a horror movie, would be titled 'It Came From the Mid-West.' She's very friendly, but never wants to buy anything. She purchased an iced latte on Wednesday afternoon while I was working and came back in yesterday (Thursday) evening... and she brought the latte back with her.

'I just put it in the fridge, I couldn't finish it all yesterday' she explained. All I could do was shake my head and laugh. It's not like she didn't buy something, and I didn't really feel like imposing a statute of limitations on her latte.

And an update on the crazy woman: she found herself a lawyer, apparently. For something. She came in just to tell me. I don't know whether to feel horrified or honored. Probably the former.


In out of the coffee shop news, the COPE weekends I had been planning with Matt since September fell through due to a complete lack of effort on the part of the Cradle of Liberty Council. We handed them everything they needed to get the word out to troops in November, and spent more than a few late nights planning these weekends, and they didn't contact troops in any capacity.

I found this out from Matt about a week and a half ago, and I was pissed. He talked to the secretary of one of the council employees who dropped the ball, and she called every troop that was planning to be at Ressica (the reservation where the weekends were supposed to take place) and see if there was any interest. There were a few kids who said they'd like to do it, but not enough to make the weekend both fulfilling for them and successful for us.

More than anything I'm angry about the complete lack of effort on the part of the council. Matt and I, and later Tarim and Drew, put in a lot of work for these weekends, and had a complete plan laid out and ready to be implemented. The the blame for the fact that there are no COPE weekends for the council this year rests solely on two members of the council staff. Two members of the staff with whom Matt and I met months ago and handed them everything they'd need.

This is why people say scouts are a dying organization, because there is a lack of communication at every step of the way, and a lack of effort resulting in a lack of program and therefore revenue, leading to more of the same.


Watching this video the other day, I found myself not disgusted or intrigued, but curious. Not curious about the process or anything having to do with the piercing, but curious as to what sort of carabiner and suspension system was being used. I kept thinking 'stop showing her back, show the suspension system.' Odd.

Obviously it's been busy lately, which accounts for the distinct lack of updates. Apologies to my dad and Seth, the two people who I know this.


Separated at Birth: Jorge Posada and Fievel


Blogger S'orlok Reaves said...

Haha, don't worry; I'd rather have a few really good articles than a lot of spam. Just don't be as infrequent as some people.

I liked your description of the coffee-goers. :D

hyfrk = n. An onomatopoeai; the sound made (by comic book characters) when lifting a heavy object.

12:00 AM, April 22, 2007  
Blogger TR said...

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me, Lou. Great record.

11:47 AM, April 23, 2007  

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