24 April, 2007

Sickness kind of sucks

"Excuse me!"


"Did somebody tow my car?"

"Well, there was a car being towed out front a few minutes..."


"...ago. It was the one in front of the fire hydrant"

Friday nights can be real slow at the shop.

Things have been real slow lately in general. This Sunday night I caught one of those horrid 24-hour stomach bugs that absolutely lays you out. I started feeling kind of ill on Saturday, on account of helping my mom's fiance dis-assemble his basement woodshop and the large amount of sawdust I inhaled/swallowed. Then on Sunday there was more sawdust, and dinner at my dads. I've settled on the steamed potatoes and hot dogs with vinegar as the ultimate culprit. It was probably the second serving that put me over the edge.

When I got home Sunday night I 'got sick' in a horrific manner, and passed out. I was 'sick' again early Monday morning, and had to go to work at 8. That was a fun day. My back hurt so much I couldn't sit down (on account of the throwing up and clenching muscles and the like). So yeah, got home from work and laid around on the floor, then in bed.

Gwen came home with all sorts of holistic healing things. Like chicken soup, orange juice, ginger ale, and a heating pad. And Aleve. It was pretty great, and by midnight I felt like fantastic. Or at least well enough to take out the trash and wake Gwen from the couch to go to bed.


I'll be heading to Rhode Island on May 6 (that's a Sunday), and starting work on the 7th. Something different than I've done in the past, as this year I'll have more of a time-regulated job, and I can come home to Philly on the weekends if I want to on occasion (and I do).

I'm only taking one uniform, and I don't plan on wearing it ever. I do need to get some work boots though, as leather bowling shoes really won't cut it this summer.


Does anyone know a good open source alternative to Quark, Pagemaker, Acrobat or InDesign? I'm in the market.

Cake has a new album out on May 8. Get excited, it's the first in a long while.

Jason Schwartzman just put out an album. I need it like, an hour ago if not sooner.

After a personal tragedy, Dave Lozo is back blogging with a vengeance. One of the better blogs on the internet for sure.

All he needs is a remote and a can of beer. Then this picture will be perfect.


Blogger Amandadigian said...

That possibly is the best picture of Gwen I've ever seen. Scott also has the nightly ritual of waking me from the couch so I can go to bed. Seeing as I'm fairly incoherent and on occassion get angry when I'm woken one, I don't really know if it's one of those things he treasures doing.

11:06 AM, April 25, 2007  
Blogger Hello from Julia said...

you have some really great links (and posts). thank you thank you thank you! (good luck with the new job).

8:22 PM, May 03, 2007  

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