03 April, 2007

Still can't do 'latte art.' Don't care

This may come as a shock to some of you who have known me for a while, but hear me out. I have to come clean about something. I ... don't drink as much coffee as I used to. Not even close.

I remember the days of college, downing whole pots of coffee in the course of a day simply to be lucid enough to play MVP until the sun came up. Ostensibly the coffee was so I could stay up and do homework, but you know how college can be. Then I graduated.

Of course after graduation I went straight to camp, where two things coincided that increased my caffeine intake. I had round the clock access to fresh coffee and I had a job with a lot of stress. Not a good thing. I would drink coffee with every meal and could barely maintain a conversation in the morning until at least after my second cup.

Then in the fall I started working at Penn, where I rather disliked my job. There was a Bucks County Coffee across the street and so I would go in there several times a day and get my travel mug refilled for something like $0.90. At every break in the day, that's pretty much where I could be found. Since I couldn't make coffee in the office, I had to take advantages of the breaks in the day, not knowing when the next opportunity might present itself.

Logically I would increase my caffeine intake even more working at a coffee shop, right? Makes sense. It's not the case though, and I think I figured out why.

Since I have access to coffee all the time now, I am much more apt to just say 'eh, I could get coffee now. That would be nice. But I could get it in 20 minutes, too.' Then I find something else to do (like write in here) and I forget all about it. I still drink a good bit of caffeine, but not nearly as much as I used to. If I open, which I do twice a week, I usually have a double latte sometime around 1 pm, opting for a Vitamin Water instead of coffee in the morning.

When I close, I usually have a double latte around 7:30 or 8 pm. And that's it. I don't do shots of espresso on the hour or anything ridiculous like I imagined I would.

This cutting back on caffeine has done me well, I think. I seem to sleep more soundly at night, and I don't get headaches if I don't get my morning coffee. Well, not every day anyway.


Philadelphia Will Do getting shut down because of the buyout? Man, that would be a sad day. I love that blog. Go send your well wishes to D-Mac. Now.

Not that this is by any means 'new news,' but Bill O'Reilly is a fucking douchebag. Pass it on. How can anyone take this man seriously when he can't engage in an argument without
getting flustered? I love in the end when she's like "I served 29 years in the armed forces Bill, how many did you serve?"

I wish my blog were more like Dead Air Space. Also I wish I made the money that Thom Yorke makes. Oh and the rest of Radiohead. Maybe then I could write in broken vagueries and have people trip over each other trying to touch the hem of my pants.

More on things later.


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