27 May, 2007

Avoiding technology for fun and profit

In the middle of the woods in Rhode Island, there isn't much going on, aside from work and sleep. Not much writing here either, obviously.

Some news: Found an apartment in Providence, at Valley St. & Atwells Ave. It's a two-bedroom with all utilities included for a little more than what Gwen and I pay now (including the utility bills.) The place sits next to a park, but is only a few minutes walk from the main drag in Federal Hill, and a few minutes more to Downtown. And we can start moving stuff in on June 1st.

Moving is pretty exciting, and I think Gwen is really going to like the apartment. It has a lot of space, and a lot of neat angles to the rooms since it's on the top floor. The floors are all hardwood, and there is a lot of natural light, especially in the kitchen where there is a large window overlooking the park. The cats will certainly love it if nothing else.

I've been working for three weeks now, mostly fixing tent platforms and bunks, mowing, spreading wood chips and various other maintenance activities befitting of a scout camp. And that's about it. Been to Wal Mart twice, but that's about the only excitement, really. That and the various locals at the 'other' bar within 10 miles of camp.

I'm currently in Philly for Memorial Day weekend, seeing Gwen and the cats. It's nice to be somewhere different with air conditioning and cable television. I think something fishy is going on though as Gwen told me to go ahead and put on the baseball game this evening (edit: she changed it to fat surgery when I went to the bathroom.) Other than that, I'll be in Rhode Island watching my fantasy baseball team slowly flush itself down the toilet. Updates may be sporadic at best; maybe I'll do a little series on the regulars at the bar, who dominate so much of the conversation between the other guys working pre-camp and myself.

Note to Chelsey: Frezza is being good. He said you read this sometimes, so I figured I'd let you know.

03 May, 2007

You've reached the voicemail of Chase Edmunds, please leave a message

Gwen and I started watching season 3 of 24 last night, and being home in Bel Air this evening, I decided to watch a few more episodes. I've written before about the phone numbers used in the show, and how they use some of the same numbers for different characters.

Now, in episode 4 of season 3, Chase calls Jack, and on the screen of Jack's phone
a number pops up: 818-749-5115.

Of course I call it because it's not the same number I had in my phone under both Jack and Graem Bauer. Unlike some of the other numbers, this one actually rings when I dialed it.

Then my phone said it was forwarding the call. Then Dave Chappelle's voice clicks in on the other end of the line. It's a bit from a standup special or something.
"Shit is ridiculous, people worship television, they worship the shit.

Say you're watching a movie and one character says to the other what's your number, man, what's the other character always say? 555-5555

Know why they do that? Because people go to the movies and then try to call the characters they just saw.

'Hey is Indiana Jones here?'

'No motherfucker he's fake, this is not his number.'"
I couldn't believe it. Whoever set up that line picked just about the most perfect recording to play for a voice mail I've ever heard. Brilliant.