22 July, 2007

Ambrose Sideburn is the business

I've come to the decision that the kitchen in our apartment looks like the Edward Weston photograph titled "Attic, Glendale, California," conveniently depicted at right.

Gwen informed me that she had already arrived at this decision, so I suppose it's not much of an epiphany. I was the first to voice it however, so my observation trumps hers. So there.

Also, Roy Halladay and Dustin McGowan, both starters for the Blue Jays, have pretty sweet matching sideburns. The Jays are going places. Maybe not in the AL East, but in life. Clearly.

13 July, 2007

Tramping through the brush

I've moved to Providence, R.I., into a much larger apartment than the one in Philadelphia. It's not as cold inside due to the distinct lack of air conditioning in all but one room (thanks Home Depot), but it's much bigger. The cats enjoy sliding around on the wooden floor chasing everything that moves in the ubiquitous fan breeze.

The oddest part of moving to Rhode Island is fighting the urge to order a Yuengling every single time I am out. The two comparably priced beverages are Narragansett (at right) and Longtrail. They're both decent, so I've decided that New England isn't all that bad.

There's a very decent bar within walking distance from my apartment called Tammany Hall, which has fairly good prices on beer and allows cigar smoking indoors. It is also open until 2, and seems to be filed with people until the wee hours. Fancy.

The woods has been going well. I've been doing lots of various stuff, from mowing and replacing floorboards on tent platforms to assembling wooden train tracks and painting a water tower. It's the kind of job where, if I'm not careful, my extreme anal retentivity will take over and consume each and every task I am assigned to the point where things will never get finished. It's okay though, I'm fighting it. The most satisfying parts of my day have to do with cleaning. Go figure.

Obviously I don't update too often, but when I write about camp all the time I even bore myself. It's the woods, it's a good time, and I enjoy my job. I don't even have to wear a uniform. For other self-indulgent rambling regarding summer camp say hi to Andy.

Pretty sure I won't be updating too often for the rest of the summer (until at least the end of August), so don't hold your breath. Maybe once or twice before then, but certainly not more. When I'm home now I'd rather watch Walter stalk Millie or sit around with Gwen than hang around on the internets.

But of course, when would an update be without some mention of my (fantasy) baseball team. Things seem to be holding steady despite some serious neglect on my part. After taking a long look at my roster, I think it's time to to re-assess my reasoning for keeping Matt Cain on my fantasy team for two years now. I guess I want him to work out like Eric Bedard, who I have also had for two years now. He's got the potential but no run support whatsoever. If he were on the Sox he'd be challenging Beckett for the ace job. Maybe he'll get better in the second half. Or not.

Also, there was a three-hour block on the Big Show on WEEI this afternoon with most of the discussion centering on where Alex Rodriguez would go at the end of the season. Not once did anyone, not even a caller, mention that he may just finish his contract and stick it out with the Yankees. Not that I'd mind seeing him on any team I root for, but I think he might decide that if he wants that championship ring, he'd be best served staying with the money.