09 November, 2007

My various neuroses have kept me from literacy all these years

I finally have my chair back.

No, it's not the one on the left, I just don't feel like getting up and taking a picture of mine.

The chair, which has been in the house since I can remember, is simple and lacks any frills. The goldenrod color isn't really the most attractive, but in the era from which the chair hails, it was the bees knees. It's sunken in about as much as it's ever going to be, but it doesn't have an uncomfortable depression in the center as often happens with furniture. The arms are close enough that I can rest both my elbows on them at the same time and be comfortable, and low enough that I can throw one of my legs over to the left or right and not feel like I'm tipping to the side.

The chair is originally from Hochschild Kohn, a Baltimore department store that went out of business in 1983. It is part of the Federal Hill Collection, based I assume on the period style of the Baltimore neighborhood. Federal Hill in Providence is also, appropriately enough, within walking distance of my current apartment.

I'm so elated to finally have this chair back in my life after so many years of doing without. It's the most comfortable reading chair I've ever used. I can't find a position in it that I don't like. I've always read in this chair because of that reason. I can be as restless as I want and still concentrate on my book. It's also untainted by other mental influences. I've never used it to watch TV or play video games. I've never used it to lounge around in the living room or to sit in while doing schoolwork. It's a reading chair and nothing else. I don't see myself using it for anything else, which is comforting.

I haven't had a quiet place to read in a long time, and I'm glad to have that back. Living in a dorm, which I did for two years, provides obvious reasons as to the lack of quiet privacy. For two years off-campus, there were always people around in the house, making it pretty hard to get any real reading done that wasn't accomplished while I was in bed. And I like bed to be bed, not a reading lounge. During my senior year of college I lived off campus I had a love seat in my room, but it sagged a lot in the middle and was generally uncomfortable (It's still in my apartment because I've been too poor to buy a new piece of furniture.)

Last year in Philadelphia there simply wasn't enough room in my apartment to accommodate any more furniture beside the bare essentials. I found it completely impossible to read there, because there was nowhere in the apartment besides the bathroom where one could just sit and be in silence.

And now to my current apartment. It has a living room and kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. But it also has a second bedroom, which is where the chair comes in. In that room is a fold-out couch for guests, the computer desk, bookshelf and now, my reading chair. All I need is a lamp to augment the poor overhead lighting in the room and an end table to sit my beverage on and I'll be all set. Man it feels damn good to have that chair back. Just knowing that I could go in there and sit if I wanted to is so comforting.

Speaking of reading I saw recently in Duane's blog that 'The Blonde' was released in paperback. I've been waiting for it, since I'm cheap, so I ordered it and read it in two sittings. I love that Duane writes about Philadelphia, because when he mentions places like Little Pete's I not only know where it is but what the place is like, inside and out. It's really neat. If you're from Philly or live in the area it's a good book even if you're not into the whole pulp fiction crime sort of thing.

I was supposed to go to the Pats-Buffalo game in Buffalo next weekend, but that fell through. We didn't get tickets in time, and the game sold out. A sell out, in Buffalo. Apparently that's unheard of. However the Pats are good, and Buffalo is a hot team right now. Also, it's within a weekend driving trip from New England, so I'm assuming a lot of fans are going. Oh well. I'll have to wait for my first football game. Perhaps it's just not in the cards.

Instead I would love to go to the Mike Doughty show at the Lizard Lounge in Boston that Saturday night (The 17ht), but tickets are sold out for that also. Man, I'm kind of behind right?

Why do all the profiles I stalk on MySpace suddenly pop up as friends only? Geez, isn't that kind of defeating the point of the internet? How annoying. I'm also a big fan of hyprocrisy.


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