28 May, 2008

Narragansett is the new Yuengling

I thought late nights would end with college and that I would, after graduation, gain some semblance of normalcy in my schedule. Judging from the time stamp on this post, I was wrong.

Memorial Day Meatwave II was excellent. So much assorted meat grilled throughout the weekend. Food coma most of the day on Tuesday.

Do you ever want to add fat people who you knew in the past on Facebook to find out if they're still fat because you can't tell from their tiny little picture? I do. There's a lot of future soccer moms from high school I kind of want to check in on.

Things going on with me recently:
- I still live in Rhode Island, and it's still small.
- I recently moved from Providence to Warwick. The suburbs are nice this time of year.
- I'm still working for the Boy Scouts, and I still have no desire to collect patches of any kind.
- I bought a used Jeep Wrangler to combat Ford Focus malaise.
- I've listened to 4 Cat Stevens albums tonight

My life is a rich and full oyster.

If anyone wants to sell me a copy of Adobe InDesign or Photoshop CS3 cheap, let me know.

So here's a random thought I had last night as I was going to sleep that at the time I thought would make a good idea for a blog post but since have realized it's pretty boring. My blog = I write what I want.

So you know how an atom is pretty tiny, right? What if inside every atom of everything there is another whole universe? What if our entire universe is just part of some random atom in the leaf of some plant in a universe unimaginably larger than our own? What if inside each atom of this universe exists another much smaller collection of life and empty space?

Obviously there's the whole time difference to think about, but perhaps that's all just part of it. Maybe when we finally send a space craft far enough out, it will hit the edge and resonate like a basketball hitting the floor of an empty gymnasium.